Application of current sensor in photovoltaic combiner box

With the continuous reduction of the earth's exploitable resources and the increase of population, human beings are facing a more and more serious resource crisis. Under this condition, the desire of human beings to find new resources is also increasing

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Current sensor in communication power supply

(1) Input power of communication power supply: 220 VAC, nominal output voltage: 48 VDC, power: 0.5 kW --- 5 kW (2) input side current sensor, often called PFC current sensor, common style: below 1.5 kW, milliohm resistance + op amp; above 2 kW, closed loop hall; Senko IC current sensor, single

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Location of current sensor in UPS power supply

Inverter and battery management mean opportunities for current sensors. ...

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Application analysis of current sensor in DC charging pile

(1) Charging pile, no matter how high the power, is composed of N AC-DC power modules in parallel output, module specifications: Power: 10kW --- 35kw, input voltage: 380VAC three-phase, output voltage: 200V --- 600V, output current: 50A --- 200A, (2) position 1, three-phase PFC sensing

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