Talent recruitment



1. Make demand analysis and product sales for white power, small household appliances, all kinds of motor control customers

2. Familiar with the company's current detection product line, position detection product line, action switch product line

3. Have the ability of key customer docking service

4. Be able to develop industry customer demand, design in / design win

5. Able to mobilize and maintain agent customer resources


1. Hall switch, linear Hall, current detection chip sales background is preferred

2. With white power, small appliances, motor controller customers are preferred

3. Good manners

4. Have passion to work hard, can cooperate with FAE in design in / design win

5. Analyze the needs of industry customers and find out the selling points of products

Coordinates: Shenzhen

Digital chip design engineer


1. Responsible for the prototype verification and implementation of digital part of mixed signal chip, verilog code

2. Verify before and after RTL wiring, and complete the logic verification of the project

3. Integrated timing verification

4. Verification of code on FPGA with AE

5. Cooperate with analog engineer to realize sensor calibration algorithm and digital filter design

6. Responsible for IIC / SPI / can digital I / O port communication and low speed sensor calibration logic


1. Able to design digital chip independently

2. Familiar with front end design language

3. Familiar with simulation, synthesis, timing analysis and back-end verification

4. Familiar with sensor calibration algorithm, SPI / IIC / can output format

Coordinates: Shanghai

Mixed signal IC Design Engineer


1. High precision integrated circuits such as precision operational amplifier, AFE, ADC / DAC, temperature calibration system, bandgap and magnetic sensor are designed according to specifications

2. According to the system requirements, each functional module is integrated into SoC system

3. Guide layout engineer to design layout according to circuit requirements

4. Complete the design document and test plan according to the design results

5. Chip function module and system testing, performance evaluation and problem analysis

6. Track cutting edge design technology, be able to guide junior engineer's work


1. Master degree or above in microelectronics, semiconductor or related major

2. Design experience of high precision operational amplifier, ADC / DAC, magnetic sensor, AFE module is preferred

3. Master the basic knowledge of circuit principle, understand the feedback theory and its application

4. Be able to analyze IC such as op amp, AD / DA, digital calibration, etc

5. Familiar with cadence IC design environment

6. Be able to use circuit simulation software to build correct simulation test platform and analyze circuit simulation results correctly

7. With many successful experience in film streaming

8. Good team work spirit, dedicated and responsible

Coordinates: Shanghai

Contact: HR

Tel: 021-62370795-807

E-mail: hr@senkomicro.com



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