AC frequency range for chip measurement

The input bandwidth of sc810 primary side signal is not higher than 120kHz. If the input bandwidth is higher than 120kHz, the sensitivity will decay and the output will not keep up with the response.

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Function and selection of peripheral resistance and capacitance

It is recommended to use 0.47uf bypass capacitor between VCC pin and GND pin. The capacitor should be as close to the chip package as possible.

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What is the creepage distance and air gap between current path and signal circuit of each chip

The electrical clearance of sc810 is 4mm, as shown in the figure below, and the creepage distance is 4mm. What is the air gap

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What are the design criteria for chip applications

Attention should be paid to minimize the inductance of the measured current path. ...

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What is the chip over current limit

Due to the 0.8m Ω internal resistance of sc810 sensor IC, its over-current capability largely depends on the characteristics of the bus or printed circuit board. ...

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