About current sensor chip
Isolation is a way to transmit data and electrical energy between high-voltage and low-voltage circuits, while preventing dangerous direct current or uncontrolled transient currents from flowing between the two.
Compared with traditional transformers, Senksemi's current sensor products can achieve lower cost, smaller size, higher performance, lower power consumption and more reliable isolated current detection. Senksemi's current sensor technology has a broad product portfolio, design innovation, and a firm commitment to excellent engineering design, ready to meet your testing needs.
Xinggong Micro Current Sensor Chip
Senk Semi has developed a series of fully integrated Hall-effect current sensors and Hall-effect linear integrated circuits. These chips provide a high-precision, low-noise output voltage signal proportional to the external AC or DC current. These ICs are mass-produced in many applications, including automotive HEV inverters and electric power steering (EPS) systems, as well as in industrial and consumer inverter and motor control applications.
Xinggan Microelectronics current sensor ICs are also used in many power monitoring applications, such as computer blade servers and server power supplies. Xinggan Microelectronics' proprietary fully integrated Hall-effect current sensor IC uses advanced IC and packaging technology to sense currents from 5 A to 200 A. These integrated solutions provide a high degree of electrical isolation (up to 2kv) and ultra-low primary electrical conductors (≤1mΩ), which are very suitable for various in-line or through-core current measurements. For sensing over 200 A, Xinggan Microelectronics' unique linear current sensor can be used to manufacture cost-effective module solutions.
Xinggan Microelectronics current sensor ICs can be customized for design engineers, using current sensor ICs based on the Hall effect for new applications that require higher energy efficiency or new features.
No matter what kind of current measurement, the current sensor chip of Xinggan Microelectronics can provide solutions for it

Part Number Current direction Vcc(V) Curr.Ranges(A) Quiescent Output(V) Sensitivity(mV/A) Temp. Ranges(°C) Isolation.withstand(V) Package Pack


B/U 5 ±0.2~±50 F(2.5)/ B(0.5Vcc)/U(0.1Vcc) 40~1000 -40~85 3000 SOP8 T(3k pcs/r)


B/U 0~36 0~±15 (VS) up to 18 500 -40~125 36 SOW16 T(1.5k pcs/r)


unipolar 5 ±2.5~±50 F(2.5)/B(0.5Vcc)/ I(=Vref) 40~800 -40~125 3000 SOP8 T(3000pcs/r)


Unipolar/Bipolar 3.3 ±5~±50 B3(0.5Vcc)/ U3(0.1Vcc) 26.4~264 -40~125 3500 SOP8 T(3000pcs/r)


B/U 3.3 and 5 ±20~±65 F(2.5 and 1.65V)/B(0.5Vcc)/ I(=Vref) 17~120 -40~125 4800 SOW16 T(1.5k pcs/r)


Unipolar/Bipolar 5 ±20~±65 F(2.5)/ U(0.1Vcc) 30.75~200 -40~125 4800 SOW16 T(1500pcs/r)


Bipolar 5 ±20~±75 F(2.5)/ B(0.5Vcc) 26.67~100 -40~125 5000 SOWH16 T(1500pcs/r


B/U 3.3 and 5 ±20~±150 F(2.5)/B(0.5Vcc)/ I(=Vref) 13.33~100 -40~125 5000 SOWH16 T(1.5k pcs/r)


B/U 3.3 and 5 ±20~±150 B(0.5Vcc) 13.33~100 -40~125 5000 SOWH16 T(1.5k pcs/r)


Unipolar/Bipolar 3.3 ±50~±280 B3(0.5Vcc)/ U3(0.1Vcc) 4.72~52.8 -40~125 5000 PFF 800/包


Unipolar/Bipolar 5 ±50~±280 B(0.5Vcc)/ U(0.1Vcc) 7.14~80 -40~125 5000 PFF 800/包
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