•Proprietary segmented, linearly interpolated temperature compensation (TC) technology provides a typical accuracy error of 1.5% over the full operating temperature range

• High sensitivity Hall element for maximum accuracy

•Extremely low noise and high resolution achieved via proprietary Hall element and low noise amplifier circuits

• Less than 5µS fast response time achieved via advanced packaging and chopper stabilization techniques

•Customer programmable, high resolution offset and sensitivity trim

• Factory programmed sensitivity and quiescent output voltage TC with extremely stable temperature performance •Up to +/-18V supply voltage range and +/-12V output voltage swing with nominal zero field quiescent voltage level at 0V

• Customer programmable sensitivity range between 1.4 and 20 mV/G

• Precise recoverability after temperature cycling

• Wide ambient temperature range: –40°C to 105°C Extremely thin package: 1.6mm case thickness provides magnetic circuit flexibility in current sensing applications

The SENKO® SL920 programmable linear Hall effect sensor has been designed to provide a fully integrated Hall current sensor IC for use in current sensing applications running off of a dual supply voltage. The high voltage design allows up to a +/-18V bipolar supply and has a nominal output swing of +/-12V.The SL920 employs a segmented, linearly interpolated temperature compensation technology, providing greater accuracy in sensitivity and offset voltage trimming and hence virtually zero temperature drift. This improvement does not degrade the high analog signal bandwidth of the device but greatly reduces total error over the operating temperature range. The sensor incorporates a highly sensitive Hall element with a BiCMOS interface integrated circuit, a small-signal high-gain amplifier, a clamped low-impedance output stage, and a proprietary, high bandwidth dynamic offset cancellation technique. The SL920 Hall effect sensor is extremely fast and temperature stable providing an open loop Hall effect solution that can compete with more expensive closed loop devices. The sensor is available in an ultra-thin (1.6 mm thick), through-hole single in-line package (TO94)

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