•Optional ultra wide sensitivity range: 1.8 ~ 30mV / g

Temperature coefficient calibrated before delivery to improve accuracy

TA = 25 ℃, sensitivity error < ± 10mV@5V TA = - 40 ~ 125 ℃, sensitivity error < 3%

TA = 25 ℃, static voltage error < ± 8mV@5V TA = - 40 ~ 125 ℃, static voltage error < ± 50mV

Response time < 10us

Single power supply + 5V

To92 in line package: 1.52mm thick

Wide ambient temperature range: - 40 ℃ ~ 125 ℃

High sensitivity, suitable for close range position detection

Sl201 is one of the high precision linear Hall chips of Xinggong microelectronics. It is recognized by customers for its wide sensitivity range, stability and high cost performance.

Sl201 is only available in the standard to92 in-line package, which can measure the magnetic field perpendicular to the IC plane and provide a voltage output proportional to the applied magnetic field. The interior includes chopper compensation technology, a / D converter, digital signal processing and temperature compensation hall. Xinggong microelectronics optimizes the configuration parameters before leaving the factory by cooperating with digital calibration technology to remove environmental variables such as temperature, noise and nonlinearity, so as to improve the stability.

Sl201 with magnetic core can be used to detect any position offset, can also be used to detect current conveniently, users can choose the appropriate sensitivity according to the demand.

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