• Isolated measurement, isolated withstand voltage 4800Vrms @50HZ, 1min

• Supports 3.3 and 5V power supply

• Can measure DC and AC current

• Wide working temperature zone: -40°C~125°C

• Selectable reference voltage modes: fixed 2.5V, fixed 1.5V, 0.5Vcc, 0.1Vcc, VREF external input

• Very low current wire impedance: 0.8mΩ

• Supports Viout – Vref differential output mode

• Built-in fixed reference reference, independent of supply voltage fluctuations

• Zero voltage hysteresis close to 0

• Response time as low as 2uS

• High accuracy: room temperature< 1% accuracy error Working temperature zone:<3% accuracy error

• Strong drive capability for output ports to load as low as 2kΩ

• With user-configurable fault detection output pin:

FLAG_F: Built-in overcurrent threshold, suitable for severe short circuit protection

FLAG_S: User-configurable peripherals for overcurrent thresholds for overload detection

• Two logic pins allow the user to select the gain level externally

• Not interfered by wire magnetic field, external magnetic field, geomagnetic field

• High power supply rejection ratio

SC824/5 series is a new member of Shanghai Xinggan Semiconductor's lightning protection fully integrated current sensor product line, and its optimized functions make it more compatible.

One of the advantages of the SC824/5 series is that it offers adjustable gain levels that can be easily adjusted by the user through two logic pins GAIN_SEL external circuitry,Set the gain level, which is designed to meet the same model in different models, increasing design flexibility.

Another advantage of this series is the fast and slow fault monitoring of the open-drain output, which are ideal for severe short-circuit fault detection and light current overflow, respectively load detection, where a slow fault feature allows the user to create a resistor divider from the power supply to adjust the fault threshold, which is flexible in fault detection and greatly simplifies the circuit board app layout.

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