• Isolated measurement, isolated withstand voltage up to 5kV @50HZ, 1 minute

• 20kA 8/20uS inrush current capability

• Support 5V power supply

• Can measure DC and AC current

• Wide measured current range: 20A~150A

• Wide operating temperature range: -40°C~125°C

• Lowest current wire impedance: 0.2mΩ

• Supports Vout – Vref differential output mode

• Built-in fixed reference reference, independent of supply voltage fluctuations

• Response time as low as 2uS

• Frequency bandwidth: 240kHz

• High accuracy: 1% accuracy error at room temperature < Operating temperature zone:<2% accuracy error

• Strong drive capability for output ports to load as low as 2kΩ

• With user-configurable fault detection output pin:

FLAG_F: Built-in overcurrent threshold, suitable for severe short circuit protection

FLAG_S: User-configurable peripherals for overcurrent thresholds for overload detection

• Not interfered by wire magnetic field, external magnetic field, geomagnetic field

SC844 series is a new member of Shanghai Xinggan Semiconductor's lightning all-integrated current sensor product line, and the industry's first fully integrated current detection chip that can pass the 20kA/8us lightning surge test.

The SC844 series adds fast and slow fault monitoring for open-drain outputs, and its built-in FLAG_F uses a built-in fixed fault threshold that does not require any additional components to achieve a fast protection response of<2uS, making it ideal for severe short-circuit fault detection. The FLAG_S supports users to set fault thresholds through peripheral voltage divider resistors, and has current pulse shielding settings to ignore interference in the application and prevent false alarms, which is very suitable for mild overcurrent detection and feedback peak setting. This feature is flexible in fault detection and greatly simplifies board application layout.

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