Isolation measurement, isolation withstand voltage up to 3.5kv @ 50Hz, 1 minute

It can measure DC and AC current

Minimum current conductor impedance: 1m Ω

Ultra wide current detection range, suitable for detecting ampere level current

Optional reference voltage mode: 0.5Vcc, 0.1vcc

Zero voltage hysteresis close to 0 response time as low as 4us

Wide working temperature range: - 40 ℃ ~ 125 ℃

High accuracy: the accuracy error is less than 1% at room temperature

Working temperature range: < 3% accuracy error

Strong driving ability, support output port connected to 2K Ω load

Extremely simple peripheral circuit

Built in IP over-current detection output function * not yet open

Support wave soldering, automatic chip placement and tape packaging

It is not disturbed by wire magnetic field, external magnetic field and geomagnetic field

3.3V power supply

Independent research and development without technology dependence

Sc813 is a member of Xinggong micro fully integrated Hall current sensor product line. Its main differential output mode is convenient for later stage application. Its ultra wide dynamic detection capability supports customers to detect current range as low as 1a and as high as 30A. Under the condition of insulation and isolation, it can realize the detection of load current. It is suitable to replace other passive or discrete sensor detection schemes such as power resistance, linear optocoupler, transformer, etc. The sc813 series of Xinggong micro is an isolated current detection chip based on the open-loop Hall sensor detection principle. By introducing the current wire at the high voltage side into the package, based on the magnetic effect of the current, the proportional magnetic field generated around the measured wire is induced by the magnetic sensor of the built-in chip, and then converted into a processable proportional voltage signal. The voltage signal is read and amplified by the built-in high-precision ADC, and the loops such as temperature, noise, hysteresis and nonlinearity are removed with digital calibration technology Environment variable, the final output and measured current value into an ideal ratio of the voltage value, to achieve isolated current measurement. Sc813 adopts fully automatic production and processing, which can bring incomparable consistency, high quality, high reliability and low cost to customers. The standard package design is very suitable for customers to carry out batch automatic placement production. It is the best solution for power devices, current detection, household appliances, power supply, load detection and other applications. Xinggong microelectronics is committed to the research of core chip technology, in order to bring customers the best current detection solutions for the purpose.

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