•Fantastic Wide Selectable sensitivity range from 1.14 to 231mV/G

•VREF pin can be programmed to two different modes: input or output VREF Input mode:the reference voltage can be revised in the range 0.5 ~ 2.6V by external input voltage. VREF Output mode:The quiescent(zero field) output voltage can be programmed into two modes: Ratio-metric :0.5Vcc Non-ratio-metric :fixed 2.5V

•The quiescent error of VIOUT – VREF can be adjust to be < ±4mV@2.5v

•The Sensitivity error after programmable< ±6mV@5V

•High current load ability,VIOUT & VREF can be connected to differential output mode

• Faster Response time<2us

•Easily Programmed by VIOUT, multiple sensors can be programmed parallelly

•Single supply +5 V

•Extremely thin package: 1.54 mm case•Independent intellectual Property Rights

SL622 is the leading product of Senko Micro's programmable Linear Hall IC. After programmed, it can measure the magnetic field which applied to the IC plane vertically and provide a voltage output that is proportional to the applied magnetic field. The customer can configure the sensitivity,quiescent (zero field) output voltage,reference voltage and temperature compensation coefficient through programming with the VIOUT pin on power-on condition. The configure parameters are programmed into the non-volatile memory so as to ensure the IC‘s stability in worse electrical and magnet environment. It can be programmed to be ratio-metric or non-ratio-metric output with VCC SL622 can be easily used to manufacture current transducers when working with the magnetic core. The factory can make different range of transducers through programming different sensitivity. Besides,SL622 can be applied to be position sensor in the condition when the magnetic field change with the magnet position change.

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