Optional ultra wide sensitivity range: 1.8 ~ 29mV / g

The viout pin can be programmed into two types and three modes: ratio: 0.5Vcc, non ratio measurement: fixed 2.5V

The programmable sensitivity error is less than ± 10mV@5V

Programmable static voltage error < ± 6mV@5V

Response time < 10us

Support parallel programming of multiple sensors

Single power supply + 5V

Extremely thin package: 1.54mm thick

Wide ambient temperature range: - 40 ℃ ~ 125 ℃

Multi order temperature compensation coefficient with peripheral selection

Sl621 is one of the programmable linear Hall chips of Xinggan microelectronics. With its wide adjustable sensitivity range, easy programming, cost-effective for the majority of customers recognized.

Sl621 is currently available in standard to92 in-line package. After programming and calibration, it can measure the magnetic field perpendicular to the IC plane and provide a voltage output proportional to the applied magnetic field. The user can flexibly configure the sensitivity, static (zero field) output voltage, reference voltage and temperature compensation coefficient with the viout pin as the two-way communication port in the power on state. In order to ensure the stability of IC in harsh electromagnet environment, the configuration parameters are solidified into the built-in memory. Its unique multi-stage temperature compensation coefficient is convenient for customers to do system temperature compensation to remove the temperature effect of magnetic core or position.

Sl621 can be used to check the displacement of any position and detect the current conveniently by cooperating with the magnetic core. Its programmability can remove the assembly and position errors and ensure the requirements of high precision and high consistency.

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