Automotive qualified , AEC-Q100

Single power supply from 3.3V or 5.0V

Fantastic Wide dynamic sensitivity range from 2 to 20 mV/G

Fixed output voltage 2.5V

Factory-programmed segmented temperature compensation and delivers a solution with  ±1.5% sensitivity error and ±5mV Offset error over 25℃~125℃

Differential Vref Output mode:Vout-Vref  The quiescent error of Vout – Vref can be adjusted to be < ±3mV@Room temperature.

High drive capacity,deliver up to ±20mA current

Non-Ratio metric output mode independent of power supply

Faster Response time<2us

High operating bandwidth: up to 240kHz

Wide ambient temperature range: -40℃~125℃

Independent intellectual Property Rights

The SL6240 family is a programmable linear Hall sensor IC with high bandwidth and high accuracy. When programmed, it is sensitive to the density of magnetic flux applied perpendicular to the IC surface. The SL6240 provides an output signal proportional to the applied magnetic flux density and is designed for current measurement. Programmable functions can be programmed using the Vout pin in the power-on state to configure sensitivity, quiescent (zero-field) output voltage, reference voltage, and temperature compensation coefficient. Configuration parameters are programmed into non-volatile memory to ensure IC stability in harsh electrical and magnet environments.

The SL6240 can be easily combined with a toroidal soft iron core. The Hall IC is placed in a small air gap where current conductors pass through the inside of the magnetic ring. The loop concentrates and amplifies the magnetic flux on the SL6240, which is custom programmed to generate an analog output voltage proportional to the current flowing in the conductor.

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